Financial Capability - G.O.A.L.S

What is financial capability?


To empower and support whanau to make informed decision that gives whanau the encouragement and ability to grow with confidence to be self- managing through education.

Planting the seed of knowledge to explore variable opportunities e.g developing a business, clearing debt or saving for special event.

Being able to identify all your income, expenses and goals is a very important step in gaining control of your life and finances. It is the first step. If you want to make your budget work for you then you need to have a budget plan guiding you.

The budget plan will be a record of:
Your short-term and long-term G.O.A.L.S of the things you want to buy.
Your savings plan. This should allow enough to cover reaching your goals in stages.
Your priorities for spending that ensure your day to day living costs are taken care of.

The budget plan will be the way that you know that your budget is working or that it is time to do a review.

The Advisers/Mentors will work with you as long as you both see this as worthwhile.
To show you how to make and operate a budget and encourage you to take control again of your life and finances

G.O.A.L.S - Goals offer a life style